CANTA OLTRE - Our action for the COVID19 emergency

Camilla Sandri and Vicente Cabrera got in touch with “Guarda Oltre” in March 2020, a supportive network born due to the COVID19 emergency thanks to “Il Gusto del Mondo”. They started to participate in the activities of the network as volunteers, organizing online fundraising concerts and providing meals to homeless people. After a short time, they both realized that the people living on the streets required more than just food. In agreement with “Guarda Oltre”, they initiated spontaneous and volunteer concerts called “CANTA OLTRE - Concerti Senza Fissa Dimora” (SINGING BEYOND - Concerts Without a Fixed Abode), combining music to the supply of meals and basic necessities. The project expanded after that Camilla and Vicente decided to involve in the activities the Progetto RESCUE!, another network supporting non-EU artists with an immigration background within Torino, where they are the formal artistic directors.

with Canta Oltre - homeless concerts - RESCUE Project! applied to Culture & solidarity Fund - with the support of Il Gusto del Mondo, Ass. EUfemia, European Research Institute, Bagni Pubblici in via Agliè, Ass. Arrabal AID (SP).