RESCUE! it is an artistic and human project, born in 2019 as a performance - "La Rotta del Cibo" -, created by the actor and musician Vicente Cabrera together with the Ass. Eco dalle Città (RePoPP) - Association that since 2017 has created an important project against food waste and the recovery-valorization-distribution of surplus food in Porta Palazzo daily market (Turin)- to transmit the values of the Association and personal stories of the RePoPP team. They are African (EcoMori) and Italian (Sentinelle dei Rifiuti) guys who work together to distribute for free to the citizens the withered food that would otherwise be thrown away. This is a project that has given a valid response to the waste of market surplus food, also making a contribution to the integration of immigrant citizens.

The performance borrows the values of RePoPP to develop an artistic methodology against "experiential waste". It feeds on the stories, songs and thoughts of those who have gone on a journey and of those who work as collectors in the market every day.

"The word 'recupero' - rescue also means redemption/ransom, of unsold fruit and vegetables but also of stories, songs, tales of the people who work for a solidarity ecosystem"

Over the time, in 2020 thanks to the meeting between Vicente Cabrera and other artists, as him, who left their country and immigrated to the city of Turin, the RESCUE Project! it becomes more ambitious by turning in a mutual support network between artists and city realities. RESCUE! it is a place where to find practical answers regarding waste and redemption/ ransom thanks to Art and its discipline.

“seek, collect, distinguish, arrange, give”

"The word 'recupero' - rescue also means redemption/ransom, of unsold fruit and vegetables but also of stories, songs, tales of the people who work for a solidarity ecosystem"

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Attore, musicista, cantore e panettiere. Ideatore e direttore di Progetto RESCUE!
In 2014 he graduated as an actor at the Universidad Arcis in Santiago de Chile. From 2015 to 2017 he managed the Barrio La Maza Bakery. From 2010 to 2017 he worked as an actor with various theater companies in Santiago and Valparaíso, including La Niña Horrible and Performer Persona Project.
Together with the P.P.Project he works as Assistant in Encuentros Fronterizos, meetings of performative practices and theories on the idea of simplicity being an actor in Chile, Italy and Poland (University of Bologna, Laboratorio Permanente sull’Arte dell’Attore / Turin, Grotowski Institute / Wroclaw (PL ), Adam Mickiewicz / Poznań University (PL).
In 2018 he moved to Turin to work on Looking for Common Roots with the actress and director Katia Capato, where he created 'FERMENTO | L’Azione di Vicente' and ‘GRECI - Cu Radacini de Granit ', performance-concert created with a Romanian community set in Turin suburbs.
His theatrical handcraft believes in art as a vehicle for a deep and sincere meeting between people.
He is a member of the Ass. Eco delel Città with which it organizes: artistic operation to raise awareness of waste at Porta Palazzo and a team of collection and distribution for the ViviLibrôn project, nevermore books to the incinerator.



Actress, author and performer.
Grazie a una formazione ibrida tra la danza e il teatro sperimenta come attrice anche all’interno di codici coreografici e performativi trovando il terreno fertile per discutere il contemporaneo. Nel 2012 si diploma alla scuola del Teatro Stabile di Torino e si laurea in Lettere presso Univ. di Bologna con una tesi su The Magdalena Project–donne nel teatro contemporaneo grazie alla quale partecipa ad incontri, dibattiti e laboratori con artiste internazionali. Integra la sua formazione con la danza contemporanea studiando tra gli altri con Marie Chouinard, Roberto Castello, Cristina Rizzo, Cindy Van Acker, Roberta Mosca, Simona Bertozzi e Raffaella Giordano. Parallelamente è autrice di Variazioni sulla libellula dove ricerca nella poesia di Amelia Rosselli una presenza musicale e sinfonica del corpo. Con l’assolo Dèi dadi è invitata in Danimarca al Transit Festival e in Cossovo al FemArt Festival. Nel 2017/18 è artista sostenuta da Permutazioni co-working promosso da ZEROGRAMMI/CASA LUFT e FONDAZIONE PIEMONTE DAL VIVO/LAVANDERIA A VAPORE. Attualmente è presidente dell Ass.Cult. Il Menu della Poesia progetto di audiance engagement vincitore di OpenLab’18 di Compagnia di SanPaolo. Lavora come attrice nel teatro contemporaneo diretta da Piccola Compagnia della Magnolia, A. Santagata, A. Oliva, A. Porto e Valter Malosti.


BABARA YATTARA (Guinea-Conakry)

Musicista e cantante, Griot.
Son of art, since the age of 6 he studied traditional African music. His first instrument is the Gongoma: harmonic and percussion instrument. Together with the study of percussion instruments (Djembe, Dun-dun, Sangban, Borleyi among others), and strings (Kora, N'goni, Kamele N'goni), he developed his art mainly in the songs of the "Griot" tradition and in learning of traditional rhythms including Garangedo, Kandia-soli, Yankadi, Yolé.
In 2018 he moved to Turin. He worked in Europe as a singing and drum teacher (in Milan, Rome, Luxembourg and Berlin)
It is currently part of the RESCUE Project! - support network for non-EU artists - where he collaborates as a musician, theater composer and teacher of drum and African tradition singing.



Student actor.
Since he was a child, Souleymane took care of his family's laundry in Korhogo until he left the Ivory Coast for personal reasons, arriving in Italy in 2017 as a refugee. In 2017 in Turin he worked as a volunteer for the Ass. Eco dalle Città in the RePPoP (EcoMori) project, collecting the unsold food at the Porta Palazzo market and as operator and builder of naval hulls in various companies in Turin.
Passionate about theater and art, he is currently part of the RESCUE Project! with whom he is making a documentary - sharing his personal history - as well being engaging in the study of dramatic art.