The Way of Memories
Led by Vicente Cabrera and Camilla Sandri

Telling is always a way to draw a red thread in the experiences of our own life. Personal stories, family stories, songs, parables and desires are hidden within us, sometimes, until it get lost and lost.

In the workshop, aided by theatrical practice, we will work on the narration of personal stories, stimulating the imagination, group listening, attention and union. Participants will be invited to become aware of their breathing, body, voice in the space around them. Through theater and singing we will build a fertile ground for new points of view and trust, in order that art and discovery become the engine of change.

The Progetto RESCUE! in collaboration with the SpaziReAli of Turin, in 2020 it will launch a theater workshop for teenagers and young people.


Led by Babara Yattara (Guinea-Conakry)

Percussion study - DJEMBE and DUN DUN

Il maestro e strumentista Babara Yattara vi invita a partecipare al corso intensivo di due giorni per imparare l’arte del tamburo con i ritmi della tradizione africana: Sofà/Garangedo/Kania-Soli/Yankadi/Mendiani/Triba/Libertè.

MANDÉ - Songs of African Tradition
Led by Babara Yattara

Research and study meetings on African Traditional Songs.

Babara Yattara (Guinea-Conakry) is a "Griot". For centuries, the duty of his family has been to sing the history of Africa, especially of that great and ancient people called Mandé. The songs will be in sou-sou and bambara. In addition to learning the songs, we will also enter into the philosophy and wisdom that this culture holds.

Vicente Cabrera - actor, performer and singer - will be a bridge and a support link to the group in this experience.